Double Chance Formula Calculation

Double Chance Formula Calculation

Amount of Bet x Odds If the odds are 1.8 and your bet is IDR 100,000 then the calculation will be like this, 100,000 x 1.8 = 180,000 (includes your capital, meaning you win 80,000) How easy friends is it not? Thus the article on how to play double chance we made, hopefully it can be useful for friends who love football and if you feel this article can help, please don’t parlay bola forget to share it with other friends. We as a trusted soccer agent are also ready to help friends if you want to register for online soccer gambling, if you have questions or experience difficulties, please contact our customer service who is ready to serve friends 24 hours non-stop in 7 days via live chat service.

If we are used to playing 1X2, we choose 1, X or 2. In Double Chance soccer gambling, it is a bit different, here we can choose 1x, 12 or 2x. By modifying odds like this, we have the opportunity to get a bigger profit than playing 1×2.

Maybe for players who have never played 1×2, they will have a little difficulty in this Double Chance soccer gambling game, but don’t worry we will try to explain in more detail to make it easier to understand, here is a simple explanation of the Double Chance soccer gambling game.

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