How to Use Roulette Betting Strategy

In order to minimize losses and make maximum profit from the game of roulette, you should look into the roulette betting strategies created for this purpose. However, casinos and only casinos have a definite fire betting strategy.


While playing, you should try to place your bankroll on red or black , even or odd or high or low as this will give you almost 50 percent chance of winning. Since the payout of these bets is low, the fact that your chances of winning are better makes this even better in the long run.

The safest of all roulette strategies is to make even money bets. But the downside of this strategy is that it doesn’t give you much time and once you start winning; it becomes very difficult to leave.

The roulette wheel is a place where betting strategies based on probability will rarely come in handy. This is because each spin of the roulette wheel creates an independent event and the outcome of a single spin is not based on the previous spin or any other spin. Therefore, the probability of each number or color appearing is almost the same and this makes betting probability a weakness in the roulette betting strategy.

If you have heard of the Martingale roulette betting strategy then you can give it a try. While the strategy is one of the most popular of the roulette betting strategies, one should use it at one’s own risk. The strategy is quite simple and only requires someone to progressively double their bets in hopes of beating the casino’s profits at some point. The logic behind this though is quite flawed, as you can hit the roulette table maximum, before you get a chance to cash out. The anti martingale strategy is a better bet, which is the opposite of the martingale system. You reduce instead of increase your bet

Roulette strategies should be used to reduce losses by risking less money and also betting on better odds such as even money bets.