Tricks To Find Bots On Real Money Poker

On a number of online Real Money Poker sites available on the internet, it is not uncommon to find robots in the game. The robot plays like a player who plays Poker just like bettors in general. Moreover, if there is an online poker site that is full of members, then there must be robots in each room.

The existence of this robot will certainly be very detrimental to players in general. Where certainly the robot will always win and very difficult to beat. Therefore, to avoid these robots is to not play on Real Money Poker sites that have bots. But you have to find out whether the site has bots or not in the following way:

  1. Distinguish native players from bots

To find out whether on the Real Money Poker site of your choice there are bots or not, then you can distinguish between real players and bots. The trick is to pay attention to whether there are players who use the same nick name when playing at a number of tables. Only then can you see if the player is a bot.

  • Pay attention to playing hours

If there are players who are able to play for a full 24 hours daftar joker688, it can be ascertained that those playing are bots and not bettors. That’s because players won’t be able to play for a full 24 hours, and of course they have other things to do. Very different from bots that will not get tired even if playing continuously.

  • Observe decision making

Bots often make decisions such as raise, fold or all in at the same time. Very different from players where decision making will be done carefully and the time is not the same.

  • Judging from how to play

Real players who come from a bettor, when playing Real Money Poker, of course, use a variety of ways, not only that. They even tend to experiment trying new ways to be profitable.

Unlike bots, where bots will play in the same way and seem very monotonous.

  • Use live chat with fellow players

If your opponent is a bot, then when you invite to chat via live chat, your chat will not be replied to. This is because there are no bots in the Real Money Poker game that can respond to any form of question.